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No matter what transport we take, we like to take it slow. We’re not about rushing from highlight to highlight: our itineraries are deliberately paced to reduce long travel times and give you a relaxed experience at each stop along the way.

At YAT, we’re all about the journey. If you have to get from A to B, we’d like you to do it with as much comfort and character as possible. The vast majority of your transport will be wholly private and is usually modern, air-conditioned minibuses with great safety features. This gives you a smoother ride and more flexibility on when and where we travel.

If the route is a short one, we may mix things up with a quick trip on a first class tour bus. In certain areas, we take overnight sleeper trains to help cover more ground (these always come with proper beds and private cabins). In Africa you may come across some bumpier roads, though our specialist safari vehicles will get you safely to where the action is.

Where we can, we also like to dabble in unusual transport, especially if it helps you get a feel for the rhythms of local life. These probably won’t be your primary means of getting from A to B, but they make the journey in between a whole lot more fun.